Academic Library Escape-Yotreat

You had a very busy day at work and you are so tensed, you go to the library nearby
your house to relax and read some novels and other books. You go right inside the
library to collect some books and you sit there and you read. As the time passes by,
it becomes late and it is time to close the library. The librarian closes the library without
informing or noticing that you’re at the back reading your books. Once you complete
your reading, you feel tired and want to get back home to sleep. As you get to the door
you find yourself locked and stuck all alone in this dark place. The lights are all switched
off by the librarian and you are in darkness. The only way out is, you need to find the
switch, turn on the lights and after that collect all the objects from that place which will
help you to get the key and escape. There are few hints which will guide you to use the
objects in the right place and get the key to open the door and escape before it is too
late. Go ahead play this game and have a great escape from the library.

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