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The United States presidential election of 2016 was the 58th and most recent quadrennial American presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The Republican Party nominee, businessman Donald Trump from New York, and his running mate, Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, are projected to defeat the Democratic Party nominee, former Secretary of State and former Senator Hillary Clinton from New York, and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine from Virginia, once the Electoral College votes are cast.

Voters selected presidential electors, who in turn will vote, based on the results of their jurisdiction, for a new president and vice president through the Electoral College on December 19, 2016.Trump is expected to take office as the 45th President on January 20, 2017; Pence is expected to take office as the 48th Vice President. The 2016 election was the first time in American history that a woman was nominated by a major political party, and the fifth time the President-elect lost the popular vote, after 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000.

A total of 29 third party and independent presidential candidates appeared on the ballot in at least one state. Former Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and physician Jill Stein repeated their 2012 roles as the nominees for the Libertarian Party and the Green Party, respectively. With ballot access to the entire electoral college, Johnson acquired 4.4 million votes, the highest nationwide vote share for a third party candidate since Ross Perot in 1996, while Stein received 1.4 million votes, the most for a Green nominee since Ralph Nader in 2000. Independent Evan McMullin obtained 21% of the total votes in his home state of Utah.

By early morning November 9, 2016, initial vote counts indicated that Donald Trump was projected to obtain over 270 electoral votes, a majority of the 538 electors in the electoral college required to make him the president-elect of the United States. The victory, considered unlikely by most pre-election forecasts, was characterized by various news organizations as an "upset" and the most "shocking" U.S. presidential election result since Harry S. Truman's upset victory in 1948.

Despite winning the popular vote by more than 2 million votes, 1.6% of all votes cast, Hillary Clinton is projected to lose the Electoral College by 74 votes, with 30 states and Maine's 2nd congressional district going to Trump, and 20 states and the District of Columbia going to Clinton. Aside from Florida, the states which secured Trump's victory are situated in the Great Lakes/Rust Belt region. Wisconsin went Republican for the first time since 1984, while Pennsylvania and Michigan went Republican for the first time since 1988. Maine split its electoral votes for the first time since 1828. There is also an election recount planned in Wisconsin, with further recounts proposed for the states of Pennsylvania and Michigan by presidential contenders Jill Stein and Hilary Clinton

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