Ada Ciganlija, Belgrade (Serbia)

This is one of the most popular places in Belgrade, Serbia - Ada Ciganlija. It is an artificial lake made on river Sava and usually called "Serbian" or "Belgrade's sea". Path surrounding the lake is 7 and a half km long and it takes about 2 hours of slow walk to go around it. On one side (called Makish) you can find a lot of different caffes, clubs (such as Time Out, Vanilla, Plaža, Petica, Red Shoes etc.) There are also playgrounds for kids, bungee-jump, slides, water skiing, Ada Safari. On the other side (New Belgradian side), there are few small caffes but that side is more for people who don't like to sit in noisy caffes and just want to enjoy in peacefull nature. And I almost forgot - there is a separated path for bicycles and roller skates (you don't have to bring your own, you can rent it at quite low cost).
If you ever come to Belgrade, be sure to visit this place, you'll enjoy - I guarantee. :)

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This is beautiful.