I live in Miami with my beautiful wife and daughter. Miami cityscapes are one of my favorite photography subjects. I love to shoot this magical city in all different lighting and conditions. We continuously add images of Miami to this Collection.

The buildings in downtown Miami are lit up with different colors usually depending on time of year, i.e. 4th of July there will be a predominantly red, white, and blue cast, or if there is a special large event, i.e. the University of Miami football team playing a big game there will be a lot of orange and green.

This particular picture was shot in May. I don't remember if there was a special event taking place but I do remember all the buildings were lit up in different colors. The bay that night was very smooth, as you can see, which magnified the buildings colors on the water. The lighter cast you see on the right side of the image is light spill from an adjacent neighborhood called Wynwood, which is the art gallery epicenter of Miami. This picture exemplifies the term "The Magic City." No filters were used to make this picture.

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