Savamala, "Geozavod" building

Belgrade Cooperative building in Karadjordjeva Street in Belgrade, which was built in 1907. It is another great piece of architecture that was created by joint work of Nikola Nestorovic and Andre Stevanovic. During the design of this building, they were heavily influenced by the Paris Exhibition in 1900, where he showed the most deokrativizam Paris school.

Raising the new building of the Belgrade Cooperative falling in the period immediately after the changes at the head of Serbia, when after the assassination of Alexander Obrenovic came to power Karadjordjevic dynasty, which has led to changes in the system of rule. Autocratic regime was replaced by liberal bourgeois regime Petra I, and with civil liberties began and the general economic upswing.

Palata Belgrade Cooperative since 1966 bears the status of cultural monuments, while in 1979 it was declared a cultural monument of great importance.

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