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Rottweiler (nem. Rottweiler) is a breed of domestic dog from the group Pinschers, Schnauzers, Molossus, Swiss shepherd dogs.Rottweilers are very appreciated and dogs are often kept as pets because of their high intelligence, fearlessness and great links with the owner. He is also known as a butcher's dog (dumb. Rottweiler Metzgerhund) because, allegedly in Rottweil, where they encouraged name rottweiler, there was also a significant corporate butchers for their needs use a Rottweiler.

It is interesting that of all breeds, the strongest bite has just rottweiler. Thanks to its wide jaws strong, the strongest measured bite is 250 kg / cm².

It is currently being used by the Austrian police. Calm, loyal and clever, patient with children, but it can be atrocious to strangers. Generally speaking, its proportional stature, rottweiler gives the impression of a muscular, strong, supple and durable dog. The neck is strong, his shoulders are impressive width, while the body is compacted.

Rottweiler is now the second most popular breed in the United States.Rottweilers as a race belong to the powerful, medium-sized dogs. Males are much larger than females. The male has an average weight of between 50-60 kg and a height of 61-69 cm, while females weigh between 35-48 kg, height 56-63 cm. The head rottweilers are males and females differ only in size, not in form. Typically a strong and broad, with small ears, triangular, set high and lowered, with nicely developed forehead wrinkled when the dog is alert. His eyes are almond shaped, dark brown in color, with peaceful views. Muzzle of medium length, with very strong teeth. Rottweiler is a muscular neck, and the body is charged, back straight and broad chest. Rep them is naturally long and strong, carried horizontally. The most commonly docked, or shorten the first or second whorl and while the dog is a puppy, especially with pets

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