Muneeb Ahmed Shahid

Muneeb Ahmed Shahid

enjoying nature at Welfare Club

Some name me with disdain

Endeavoring to maintain

That I am nought but plain

I do not hold a grudge

But I do not need hot fudge

To go beyond your wink and nudge

You will soon be keen

To enjoy the essence of my bean

I can cause a scene

Forgive my dearth of tact

But you will no doubt overreact

To the strength of my extract

Trust me, I am a flavor

The whole of you will savor

Do you a tremendous favor

You will not again doubt me

You will talk all about me

My reputation no longer lousy

Never underestimate

I’ll white out every other plate

And your appetite will sate

Are you now surprised

Have you finally realized

How disparagement disguised?

It is time to begin

Come over here, dig in

And indulge in white-hot sin.

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published 2 years ago