Hey All,
So after receiving some great constructive criticism, I decided to pull the original and apply the suggestions provided by the reviewers. Thanks a lot for raising everyone, they were all valid points.
Here are the following changes:
1) Interactive objects glow when you hover over them
2) To interact with an object you have to hold down for 200 milliseconds to trigger the interaction.
3) Now you can skip dialogue lines.
4) There is more guidance on what is required.
5) A hand for the action instead of a cog.
So here it is, Blue Karma – Level 1. I began this in August 2013 with the hope of building a Point and Click game one day, and the day has come. Now you wouldn’t believe the amount of changes made over the past year and a half. This meant replacing the voices, light puzzles, and artwork. I remember when I had this idea in mind; I was on the lookout for a coder who could assist me while I did the art and animation. Things like this take time, there is a reason you have many teams to work on a game. There is so much to it, and I thought if I can find someone who has the right skills to assist me, we could make this thing come true.
Unfortunately, that day never come. I had started my first full time job as a web developer and was learning the ropes of OOP. It was only after a month or so, I took on the challenge of programming the entire game, as well as the art and animation. I learned a lot along the way, what worked, what didn’t. It means I’ll be more prepared for future projects. Now this may not mean a lot to some people, but for me, growing up with these sorts of games inspired me to make my own. Yes it’s not as good as what studios can produce, but it’s my own ‘self-achievement’.
Because I got so involved with the characters and the plot, I decided to write the story as a full-fledged novel. This has also seen a great deal of change; it’s now in its fifth draft, and still in progress. But it has evolved over time into something what far exceeded its predecessors. I originally planned to release them both together, but the novel is not predicted to be released until late 2015. If you would be interested in buying it when it arrives, follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news. Until then, here is a taster of the story.
This level follows a mission from the main protagonist, Riley Marshall. He has seen some evolvement over the years. His first appearance being in one of my old cartoon shorts: ‘Hard as Cotton’. His original role was as a Vigilante, to hunt down people he thought escaped the law. (Yeah a bit lame)
If you are interested in the story, follow me for the day when I release the novel. It's going to be worth it :)
Also find a scrapbook album of the game creation process linked below:
I hope you enjoy the game and a special thanks to the following talented contributors.
Voice Actors:
Riley Marshall – Corey LeVier
Tyrone Marshall & Rupert – Mike Paine
Jake – Paco Lopez
Paulo - Chris Machari
Alex Dawson – Ryan Stanton
Albert Green – Ty Lindsey
Popa Razvan

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