Mountain Konjuh

Konjuh is the mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is located south of Tuzla in northeastern Bosnia. At the foot of the mountain located Lancaster with rich deposits of lignite. Represents a watershed between the basin of Krivaja, Spreča and Drinjača. Konjuh is built from sepentina, diabase and tuff. Long is 30 kilometers with the highest peak at 1327 meters above sea level. It is rich in water.

Konjuha massif covered by dense forest communities dominated by conifers (pine, fir and spruce), beech, maple and oak small numbers. Growing on the mountain and rare medicinal gentian - srčanik (Gentiana lutea), which is endangered and protected.

Government of Tuzla Canton is put into procedure Act to designate parts of the mountain Konjuh protected natural areas.

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