Panonsko lakes in Tuzla

Pannonian salty lakes are artificial lakes in Tuzla. Tuzla "Panonika" Pannonian lake located in the city center on the site of the former "salt wells." Area lakes is 11,000 m2 and depth up to 1.8 m. The composition of water is 4/5 tap water and 1/5 brine.

After the implementation of the Phase I development of the complex construction of a large lake in July 2003, a phased development continued in 2006, the construction of the Archaeological Park-Neolithic lake-dwelling settlement with museum exhibition that tells the story of the continuity of life in the area of ​​Tuzla town in Neolithic era.


At the beginning of the summer season of 2008., The capacity of the complex have significantly increased by building the second salt lake at the end of September has been created yet another unique product Turistica-Salted waterfalls fit, unique to this area, inhalation health center in the open air.

In the complex Pannonian lake there is a Neolithic lake-dwelling heritage, sports fields, salty waterfalls and many other facilities.

Pannonian lakes represent unique examples of salt lakes in Europe, and have healing properties due to the content of salt and other minerals. The water in the lakes is constantly circulating, and purified the sand filters.

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