The burning Dolomites.

Many of the Dolomite mountains are very majestic. But this sunrise image didn't come easy. I was shooting the evening before there too until the cold & bad weather kicked in. I went back into my tent with the alarm clock set early. The first time I got up I couldn't see my hand because it was so foggy. The wind was blowing too and it was everything except cozy. I went back into the tent again were my girl (@h_elen_a) was just shaking her head. But as a photographer I can't rest in a tent because I'm always wondering what's going on outside. That's why I was constantly checking. And finally I saw a glimpse of the rocks through the fog. That triggered me out there again. Three minutes later after I put my shoes on I couldn't see my hand again. It was crazy and kinda disappointing. But I stayed and hope for the best. After an hour sitting in the cold seeing nothing but grey the fog started to lift a bit and showed the mountains to me for three minutes. Then everything was covered again. I guess it was worth all the hassle. Not everything in life comes easy, but persistence will be rewarded most of the time.

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