Ode to the wonderful paella

Of course, conceived their paella, I moved away from the classic recipe, and chose from a variety of options something in between, according to your taste and possibilities. Actually, this is my improvisation, but, I confess, quite successful.

I needed the following products:
frozen seafood mix
large shrimp
salt, pepper, herbs
white wine
olive oil

In the frozen cocktail includes calamari, mussels, shrimp, octopus.
Krevetochki half peeled, tail in the shell, that was easy to take his hands.
In a hot pan generously pour olive oil. Omit there the finely chopped onion, fry until Golden brown, add the diced bell pepper. Last add the tomatoes. Simmer, stirring intensively.
Then add the dry, unwashed rice, and fry it with the vegetables until translucent.
Add salt, spices and saffron. In the middle of the "bury" unpeeled head of garlic - it will give flavor, but that many will appreciate, will not be felt sharp odor.
Then, right out of the bag, seafood.
Pour half a glass of dry wine, and hot water to cover the contents of the pan.
Close the lid and wait for the rice will absorb the liquid. Do not stir!
Before the end of cooking stacked on the surface of rice shrimp.
This is my favorite) I just love krevetochki)))
The liquid should evaporate completely, and the bottom to form crust. Then the paella is ready.
Remove the pan from the heat, put on a wooden Board, and sit around)
If there is a lemon - it will be an amazing addition to the dish. Its juice squeezed on paella in the plate.
I understand everyone has different tastes...but for my taste, it's so delicious...so delicious...there is just no words!
This is a real feast for the soul)
A very rich dish, but absolutely not heavy. Amazing for a romantic dinner.
Pleasant Appeti-and-and-TA.....!)

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published 2 years ago