Toyota Launches All-New 2018 Camry

The all-new Toyota Camry is here with a striking new look and a hot new marketing campaign that’s set to tap into drivers’ emotions and the sensations they will feel when driving the vehicle. While purchasing a Camry continues to be a smart and rational choice, the 2018 Camry now delivers the magic and excitement drivers crave. These emotions are highlighted in the “Sensations” campaign, which compels drivers to love the new Camry for all the “wrong” reasons. The campaign will cover multiple media channels, including broadcast, cinema, social, print, digital and out-of-home placements.
Rather than telling customers how it feels to drive the all-new Camry, this campaign shows them through impactful and evocative imagery that clearly conveys a specific feeling generated by some aspect of the Camry’s styling, safety, technology and performance. The goal of the campaign is to introduce people to an inspiring, more emotional, more exciting driving experience that will make every driver feel special.
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published 8 months ago