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I've been wanting to take photos of sunlight under foggy weather in the wood for a long time. And those moment are not easy to find. This forest is in North Vancouver, BC near Rice Lake. Well... not sure if forest is the most suitable word for it if you compare it to the REAL DEAL of what a forest really is.
After I get on the trail towards Rice Lake direction. I saw these amazing light rays. I was so excited and started walk off trail toward these lights. I took some shots, not happy about it, want to get closer to the lights. So I walked closer to the lights, take some more photos. Again, not too satisfying. Walk even closer, and after doing this for a few times. I start to realize 2 things.
1. I can't really get much closer even I keep walk further.
2. I have no idea which direction to get back to the trail.
It took me a while before I found my way back to the trail.

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Great pic