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Fire (from the Illyrian and Thracian who was first meant "hearth", as Romanian. Fire or Albanian. Fire / votre the fire), is a natural occurrence that accompanies some chemical processes, distinctive-turbulent oxidation of organic matter, in which heat is generated and light (burning). The fire is visible chemical reaction and it is also fast, sustainable form of oxidation during which fuel burning emits glowing gas in the form of floating-luminous flame. Fire can be painted various pyrotechnic compositions.

History [edit VE | edit]
The fire was one of the key elements in the evolution of modern man. One of the adaptive advantages (such as the fabrication and use of tools, and speech) that allowed people to survive in different living conditions. It provided warmth, protection of wildlife, allow a change in eating habits (food cooking), successful hunt, etc ..

According to archaeological findings, it is assumed that the fire people (Homo erectus) was known before about 300,000 years ago. In the beginning, people used fire as a result of natural (lightning strike, from the volcano, spontaneous friction or forest fire), and after they had made themselves, probably rubbing suharka of thorns or the outbreak sparks using fire and tinder.

In ancient China, Hellas and Peru have made use of the mirror through which the, reflection and concentration of sunrays, lighting a fire. The exceptional importance of fire in the cultural development of man the numerous legends and myths about the discovery of fire coming in almost all cultures of the world. According to various legends of Australian tribes, the fire can be reached by going underground, or it occurs in the struggle with the snakes (the stick that killed the snake shoot and it is emitting fire). Similarly resulting fire in the Persian myth (the poem Sahni): hero throws a snake, but it misses, hitting the stone wall and created the first fire. Also (a volley of stones) in Norse mythology; the Hellenic, Prometheus torch passed fire with solar car to the ground. It is very common motif kidnapping or stealing fire from the gods (as the ancient Greeks and among the people of Africa, Asia, South America and Australia).

Any kind of fire inside the mythological and religious system of a community, has his god and fireplace, altar (Hestia, Apollo, Helios, Loki, Lug, etc.). In a world of magic fire is cleansing (purification) element, which is kept in the Christian myth. Maintenance and spread of fire have been preserved, with all the specific modifications, from the ancient cult of the hearth to the modern Olympic Games. Worship of fire is perhaps best represented by the cult of the sun. Among the prominent were the fans fire were old Mexicans, Assyrians and Phoenicians. The main god of ancient Aryans was the god of fire, Agni.

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