Angel s ACE vs NIP StarSeries XII

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Angel's ACE vs NIP (StarSeries XII)

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Christoffer Ditlevsen - Breakpoint

Schedule of games:

SLTV StarSeries Season XII has been announced with prizemoney boosted to $50,000 and number of LAN final teams taking place on February 20-22 upped to six.

The twelveth season features a significant boost in prizemoney, from $35,000 in the previous season - including $2,000 for each LAN final team in travel support - to a total of $50,000.

1. $18,000
2. $9,000
3. $5,000
4. $3,000
5-6. $1,500

Also, for the first time in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the Season XII LAN finals in CyberArena, Kiev, will have six teams attending instead of the usual four. All six teams will also get an additional $2,000 in travel support as per the previous seasons.

We can see that the organizers d the map pool, with Cobblestone replacing Season:


Because of that the system has been tweaked. Sixteen teams will be divided into two groups, from where the top two teams will qualify for the LAN finals, while the third and fourth placed teams will battle for the last two spots in playoffs.


Karam "KYAN1TE" Kabbara

James "JZFB" Bardolph

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