Lancaster is a municipality and mining town in northeastern Bosnia. The city is located on the north-western slopes of the mountain Konjuh at an altitude between 330 and 380 meters on the main road that connects the two industrial center of Tuzla and Zenica, and Tuzla and Zenica-Doboj kanton.Današnje name Lancaster received the stecak Santa Banovic, tombstone from Middle Ages, which is located in the village near the town. Tombstone is in the form of a sarcophagus, with stone base size 2.20 x 0.90 x 0.70 m. At the front of a stylized flower, and on the side of the Bosnian Cyrillic inscription on the following contents:

Asa (here) lies Božička Banovic, to his country, the noble Dramešina, and they set the (tombstone) Hlapac and Obodin and Branko with his brothers.
In the area Banovic was found and coins that supposedly dating from the 250 years BC, then to Roman times. Previous name of Lithuania, which is a city named after the eponymous river that runs through it, etymologically is undefined.

The origin, development and growth of the municipality determiran the exploitation of high-quality coal which is still an important source of energy. As one of the centers of Bosnian mining Lancaster in current history have achieved outstanding results in the exploitation of coal. Konjuh is one of the few mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina that they can walk freely without fear of mine, because this mountain was very lucky that the latest war bypass.

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