Illuminae & Magnus Chase: Sword of Summer

Okay, it's book talk time.
This is booktober wrap-ups! So in the month of October I've read 5 books, I wanted to make it 6 but it'll be too long, and I'll conclude the book in my November wrap-ups. Don't worry this is NON-SPOILER REVIEWS!
1. Illuminae - 5/5 stars
Review:- It was an amazing reading experience! I've fall in love with the book at first sight. The book itself is very unique, unlike any other books I've read before. Also, the book is presented in graphical format such as Instant messaging, emails, documents, pictures and interviews. Short summary, the story is about two main characters, Kady & Ezra, they fall in love and one day they broke up. Their planet is invaded by an evil mega corporation mothership and running for their lives which caused war between two opposing sides. Both of them got separated, and madness surrounded them with secret they have yet to unfold.
2. Magnus Chase, Sword of Summer - 5/5 stars
Review:- This book though, literally made me laugh! Rick Riordan is a very creative writer with his sense of humor. Straight to the point, the story tells about a homeless 16 years old boy, who lives in the street of Boston, United State. His name is Magnus Chase, and he is about to face the biggest shocking news in his entire life. His uncle revealed that he is the Son of Frey, one of the Gods in Norse mythology. But who wants to believe that anyway? Interesting plot here is that Magnus is the cousin to Annabeth Chase, girlfriend of Percy Jackson. It was such a very good read, I was kind of smiling all the way reading this book to the end, and I can't wait to read the next book!
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