And the branches are sad when they leave leaf IMAG0147

According falling leaves, there are three groups of plant species:

deciduous types- all its leaves discarded at the end of their growing season; eg. oak, red oak, beech, chestnut, ash, and some species of conifers: larch, cypress and metasekvoja.

evergreen species - leaves not discarded at the end of the growing season, but retain it in the winter, until the new vegetacijsiog that period, just before the appearance of new leaves, old waste (eg, privet, soft ferns and others.

evergreen types- never rejected all the leaves at once, but partially in small quantities discarded each year; eg. holm oak, Kermes oak, cork oak, magnolia, cotoneaster and the vast majority of softwood: fir, spruce, pine, fir trees, shrubs, foreign

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