The source of Crn Drim River in Ohrid Lake , Macedonia

The source of Crn Drim River which flows made beautiful landscape , it is located at the corner of the lake by the Sveti Naum Monastery , that source is actually few heactares large lake in which there are 45 individual sources , some are above water some below , those below are most interesting and you notice them as boiling sand on the bottom , water in the source has 10°C and is crystal clear , it comes from Prespa Lake through Galicica (2287m) massif , amount of water is 10 cubic meters per second , like a short strong river water from the source spils into the Ohrid Lake , it takes only 12h for whole water in the source lake to be replaced by the fresh water , two rowing boats (motor is forbidden of course) make sightseeing trip of the source lake so don't miss that !!!

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izvinite,slika je odlicna,ali ovo je beli drim on se uliva kod sv. Naum a crni drim izlazi u Strugu.U sustini ne bitno..Odlicna fotka!