HeroCrate May 2015 Unboxing - AVENGED!

This is my HeroCrate May 2015 unboxing and opening. This month focused heavily on Iron Man - which happens to be my favorite Avenger!

HeroCrate: http://www.herocrate.com/

Be sure to let them know (and us, in the comments) if you want to see more HeroCrate on the channel!


Jake, recently ended his service in the U.S. Army and immediately went to work
on an idea with his older brother, Zach.
Together they decided it was time to create something around what they are truly passionate about. HEROES! Their main drive and purpose was to offer something new to the community, something that has value, and something that would honor the most important people... YOU!
The true fans of heroes and what they stand for.

With this idea and mission HeroCrate was born!
They have since built a community around a product for nerds, geeks, gamers and everyone in between.
A community that grows daily thanks to the support from fans, followers, and fellow lovers of all things heroes!
Upon conception of HeroCrate, Jake has instilled the morals and values from his time of service
into this company, it's motto and it's mission.

HeroCrate's motto and mission will always be:

Thanks for watching!
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Uploaded: Jun 2, 2015

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published 2 years ago