A picture that I took on a trail in Maine

This is a picture picture that I took on a trail in Maine this picture was taken outside and was also taken by me and was also taken on a very sunny day and was also taken with my iPhone and was also taken in the morning the sun is shining very brightly because it's very sunny outside and because the weather is nice it's not cloudy outside either because it's very sunny outside.

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Tags: This, is, a, picture, picture, that, I, took, on, a, trail, in, Maine, this, picture, was, taken, outside, and, was, also, taken, by, me, and, was, also, taken, on, a, very, sunny, day, and, was, also, taken, with, my, iPhone, and, was, also, taken, in, the, morning, the, sun, is, shining, very, brigh

published 1 year ago