Shahid Khan Minhas Hassan Hot Boys

Shahid Khan Minhas Hassan Hot Boys

and here we are sitting in beautiful garden to enjoy every bit of life


How many minutes of action

Did it take to push this one out?

Did his mama know

That she soon would carry a lout?

Daddy’s little swimmer

created a big one in turn

And he stroked his way to stardom

But there is something he just did not learn

He got so used to displacing wetness

With his privileged white matter

That he thought it would be just fine

For a young woman’s psyche to shatter.

She would not remember it anyway

So she was a perfect pick

Did she not know that she is the given right

Of a wandering fraternity prick?

I suppose one could wonder why

A successful, smart, confident jock

Could not find someone to consent

To his sporting, seeking cock?

But Daddy came to the rescue

Oh, these Turners come at just the wrong time

To protect his little man-fish

From the consequences of his crime

He should not face forfeiting his freedom

The poor lad could not swallow his steak

No, jail is a dangerous place

For his sweet, misunderstood beefcake

Poor wittle Bwock Awwen Tuwnew

His daddy wrote to protect

Apparently, he is not enough of a champion

To take responsibility and stand erect

Brock, Brock, Brock

What does that sound like to you?

Chickenshit, batshit, either way

He’s a steaming vat of number two.

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