Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is a dog that loves contact with people, family members, especially with children. Enjoys the atmosphere of home.

Cheerful nature and endlessly loyal to its owner, ready to enthusiastically respond to his every call and to be fully consecrated. His joy in life, which can be disrupted by lack of love and lack of contact with family members, expressed jumping, waving tail, touching the nose and mouth disease shocks. When you want to attract attention, chooses no means, announcing to the strong persistent barking or whining. In the same way, announces one's arrival, welcoming guests with great enthusiasm, which certainly is not a recommendation for a good guard.

For golden retrievers is a characteristic that can be easily trained and are very patient and gentle with children. They are able to memorize up to 50 commands in life. Given that prefer to meet the owners of dressage for them is fun. Due to the developed sense of smell are used for hunting, tracking, and as service dogs to detect narcotics, also due to the great patience and obedience used as guide dogs of blind people. They are suitable for keeping in a house or apartment with enough daily walks and runs, and very much like to bring the ball or stick. It is important to eat right and have plenty of activities, otherwise there is excessive weight.

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