Kalemegdan Belgrade, Serbia (Historical place)

Kalemegdan is the biggest park in Belgrade .

At the same time the most important cultural and historical complex dominated by the Belgrade fortress above the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers . The name of Kalemegdan relates to the wide plateau around the fort , which in the eighties of the 19th century turned into a park . Plato , while the Fortress was the main military stronghold of Belgrade , used to observe and ambush the enemy to fight. Its name derives from the Turkish words kale (fort) and mejdan ( battlefield ) . Turks use to call Kalemegdan Fikir - bair, which means " hill for contemplation ".

This is picture of monument Pobednik (Winner)

The winner is the name of the triumphant monument which was erected in 1928 in the Upper town of Belgrade fortress on the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the breakthrough of the Salonika front . The monument consists of a bronze male figure with an eagle in his left hand and lowered sword in his right , the work of sculptor Ivana Mestrovic , as well as a pedestal which is designed in the form of Doric columns with fluting on a high cubic base , copyright architect Peter Bajalović .

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