WebMD: Roots of Your Migraine Family Tree

Today, WebMD released In Their Own Words: Moving Beyond Migraine with Robin Roberts, a new five-part video series that sheds light on the debilitating nature of migraine and the impact it has on all aspects of a sufferer’s personal and professional life.
To learn more about treatments and the individuals featured in In Their Own Words: Moving Beyond Migraine with Robin Roberts, visit: to www.webmd.com/insidemigraines.
Moving Beyond Migraine follows the lives of Jennifer, a public school administrator who has lived with intense migraine headaches for over 20 years; Kate, a 20-year-old college student with debilitating migraines that have run in her family for generations; Melanie, whose intense migraine condition has altered the dynamics of her nine year marriage; and Lynn, who after suffering from migraine for 50 years, shares how a clinical trial for a new treatment called CGRP targeted therapy is finally providing her with some relief.
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