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The Latin name Juglans regia comes from "Jovis glans," Jupiter's acorn and = "regia" = royal palace, which shows how much he was appreciated. So it is not surprising that he was called the "royal walnut", a proverb says: "In the Stone Age, while the man ate acorns, the gods ate nuts!". As ingredients in human nutrition nut was used from the very creation of the world. The Bible is already in the introductory chapter of his nuts placed with grain and fruit, the ideal diet that God intended for man. Russian scientist Michurin called walnut "fruit tree - plant" because it is used by all the leaves, buds, young walnuts, walnut shell young, ripe fruit and wood.
Nuts are an amazing source of valuable nutrients. Walnut is a native of Asia, where today the foothills of the Himalayas there are walnut trees. In Europe, they brought him the Roman legionnaires. Deciduous tree, branched, spherical rounded foliage, grows up to 25 m, with pointed leaves 20-90 cm long.
The bark of young trees is smooth and dark gray, and the aging of the tree becomes longitudinally cracked and brighter.
The flowers are small, inconspicuous, blooms before leafing in April and May, and the fruits ripen in October. Walnut fruit is round stone fruit, wrapped in the outer green, juicy and bitter shell. When the nut is ripe, fleshy layer dries and cracks, and the fruits fall out of it. Within the woody shell of the kernel of the fruit ie. Seed that contains large edible shriveled cotyledons.

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