Audio Bully 03.02.2009

Audio Bully from Colin Murray's show - 03.02.2009

George Takei - 'Let It Snow'
Ollie Williams the weather man from Family Guy
A Fine Frenzy - 'Let It Snow'
Westwood reads the weather
Brian Setzer Orchestra - 'Let It Snow'
Clips from Die Hard
Dean Martin - 'Let It Snow'
Fleet Foxes - 'White Winter Hymnal'
'Hi Ho' from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
'Hi Ho' french version
Clips from Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
Shaun Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - 'Get UR Freak On'
Clip from Death Proof
Louis Armstrong vs Radiohead - 'What A Wonderful Surprise'
Terry Tate, Office Linebacker
Bruce Springsteen at the 2009 Super Bowl
2009 Super Bowl Commentary
Roger Goodell refelects on the 2009 Super Bowl
Chromatics - 'I'm On Fire'
Clips from Edward Scissor Hands
Bat For Lashes - 'A Forest'
Clips from Alice in Wonderland
Clip from The Matrix
Bloc Party - 'She's Hearing Voices'
President John F Kennedy's 1962 space race speech
Thunderbirds opening sequence
1986 David Bowie from the film Labyrinth in Flight of the Conchords, ep. 6
Clips from Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery
Introduction to Ready Steady Go
John Lennon at The Royal Variety Performance, 1963
Kenneth Wolstenholme's 1966 World Cup commentary
Jimi Hendrix - 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band'
Paul McCartney on the Cobert Report

BBC Wales' newsreader recites The John Barnes Rap from New Order - 'World In Motion'
The Go! Team - 'Get It Together'
Clips from Blazing Saddles
Mayday (feat. Cee-Lo Green and DJ Craze) - 'Groundhog Day'
Clips from Groundhog Day
Groundhog Day (Traditional Song)
Rid Cheese - 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl'
Clip from Young Frankenstein
Paul Weller - 'Wild Wood' (Portishead Remix)
Clip from The Simpsons
Weird Al Yankovitch - 'Angry White Boy Polka'
Clip from 300
Rolf Harris talks recycling
The Magnetic Fields - 'A Chicken With Its Head Cut Off'
Clip from Shawshank Redemption

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