Small, but big (Instrumental) - How Hedgehog in the Fog

How Hedgehog in the Fog

When I wrote this musical track, the image that I was guided, became the protagonist of the old animated film "Hedgehog in the Fog".
I remind you: small hedgehog goes on a visit to his friend bear cub count the stars and drink tea with juniper jam. Along the way he gets in a thick fog, where meet with the large horse.
A lot of terrible things happening on the road, but in the end, the hedgehog comes to his friend bear, and here I think, reveals the basic idea of ​​the film: the hedgehog did not think what he was scared, and what happened to him, he experiences: how the horse there into the fog.
This is the small, but big, because, in spite of its growth - the heart and soul of its enormous size.
And in the our life of many people, children and animals, who, despite his height, or age, make the sometimes very great things.

A little about the music track "Small but big": composition, written in the genre of electronic music. Incidentally, this is the instrumental version, but there is also a version with vocals.

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