Night On Mars

After spending hours up at Delicate Arch in Arches National Park waiting for the milkyway to rise above for some time lapse and photos. It was already 3am in the morning when I headed back down to the parking lot after miles of hiking on the Delicate Arch Trail. But the starry night sky is still nice and bright. Even though I was already pretty tired after the waiting and hiking, I told myself that it was a great opportunity to keep shooting. I drove to another area in the park by the Window Trail Loop to take some more shots. It was already 3am, I walking into the trail and took some more photos. The landscape here is very interesting like you are on another planet. Almost a little creepy when you are alone around 4am. The EXIF info shown it was taken at 2am because my camera was set to PDT and not the local time in Moab, Utah

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Uploaded: Aug 31, 2015

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published 2 years ago