Muneeb , Minhas , Shahid ( Boys Day Out )

Muneeb , Minhas , Shahid ( Boys Day Out )

best pals set out for hangout :D
Boys Day

For Survivors Everywhere

Take the poison they injected and create inoculation

Take the burn of pain and inhabit the inflammation

Make the scars a tapestry of each step in overcoming

Take the shit they saddled you with and overload the plumbing

Lift the voice taken away and sing at the top of your lungs

Strip the ladder to degradation of all its splintered rungs

Splash each shaming, blaming mouth with burning vicious spittle

Nourish the being they try so hard to question and belittle

In the crowd of despair and desperation it can be violently lonely

Amid the press of battered people you seem the one and only

Indifferent days, a sickening haze that nothing seems to burn through

“They” champion your cause while another “they” will spurn you

In the spin of things, who is left to turn to?

Create your image greater than the sum of their assigned parts

Refuse to be a target for rationalizing darts

Hold aloft the mirror to show them their true faces

Stand up for all you can be and help the others to their places

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