Monastery Pokrova Presvete Bogorodice

Đunis Monastery with the Church of the Holy Virgin is the female monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the Diocese of Nis
According to legend, the distant 1898 new holy place was revealed Madonna trinaestogodišnjoj girl MILOJKO Jocic from Đunis , blessed source from which the water came, and for which foretold that to heal the sick, and to indicate the exact place to build Church threw a pitcher of water on the stone, which according to the testimony of elderly sisters from the monastery, expanded over time and has been very well attended. The stone is now located in a small church, originally a wooden church erected in 1934 with the blessing of the Holy Bishop Nikolai. In 1960 the decision of the Holy Synod of the Serbian Orthodox Church, it was decided that the Church of the Holy Virgin declare monastery. In 1977, the cornerstone was laid for a large church, which was consecrated in September 2001, the hand of the late Serbian Patriarch Pavle. In her painting was attended by Greek artist Adonis, prof. Dragomir Jasovic and others. The iconostasis was worked icon painting school Zica monastery.

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