Salad "Swan fidelity"

Salad «Swan fidelity»


— boiled chicken breast — 1 piece,
— potatoes — 3 PCs,
— onions — 2 PCs,
— mushrooms — 300 g,
— boiled eggs — 5 PCs,
— walnuts — 200 g
— cheese — 200 g,
— mayonnaise,

For decoration:

— prunes,
— black peppercorns,
red bell pepper,
— greens.


Boil potatoes, cool and grate. Small cubes also cut the boiled chicken breast. Cut into strips the mushrooms, fry with onions. Salad spread layers promazyvaya mayonnaise. Of the first layer formed by wet hands of the swans. Here is the order of the layers: grated potatoes (large grater), chopped into small cubes chicken breast, mushrooms and onions, grated on a fine grater yolks, chopped walnuts, grated cheese, grated proteins. The last layer is not smeared with mayonnaise. Arrange salad greens, Swan beaks do red peppers and prunes or olives, and black peppercorns.

Bon appetit!

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