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Have you been looking for a cheap way to get into the Virtual Reality World? Well I think I've found the cheapest option available. For only around $10 you can get this Google Cardboard which turns your phone into a Virtual Reality Headset!
So watch as I unbox the Google Cardboard Made by the Company - QPAU. When using these you can easily forget your surroundings and practically feel like you're in a different place! I personally had to remind myself where I was multiple times. Because the immersive experience took me to another world! The one downside is that it can be a bit uncomfortable, especially by the nose area. This can be avoided by simply placing a folded tissue in that area. Otherwise I have no complaints, and can't wait for there to be more available content to view in 360 VR. In short, I think this is something that everyone should give a try. Because this is a life experience that I'm glad I had, and would love for you guys to enjoy as well.

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Uploaded: Feb 29, 2016

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published 2 years ago