Minhas Bin Hassan ( Best One Ever )

Minhas Bin Hassan ( Best One Ever )


Hatred has no pulse

It thrives on death and rot

And feverishly works

To destroy whatever pulse you’ve got

Hatred has no heart

Its chambers are dark and still

It destroys all hearts that love and lose

With emptiness its fill

Hatred has no reason

Except that which it devises

Shouts down the minds that rally

Against its thin disguises

Hatred has no bones

It’s a sham skeleton

But it is piled high

In the dusty closet bin

Hatred has no skin

The merest slights pierce right through

So hatred must cover itself

With bits of me and you

Hatred has no life

No vitality of its own

It feeds on others to sustain

Its power-hungry throne

Hatred has no validity

Except that which it gives itself

It shouts with the cries of those it maims

And it bookends fear’s dusty shelf.

Hatred has no pulse

So it enviously destroys

The steady beat of life and love

It simply cannot take the noise

Hatred has no pressure valve

For its endless festering need

Its gaping, ever-famished maw

Upon us loves to feed

Hatred has no balls

With which to contain its seed

In order for it to reproduce

It must make us bleed

Hatred has no pulse

It despises all who do

Hatred has nothing to stand on

Except for me and you

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