New Dixie® Molar Monsters cups


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New Dixie® Molar Monsters cups

Getting kids excited about brushing their teeth can be a challenge for parents. To make brushing a more positive experience and to teach kids proper oral care habits, Dixie®, a Georgia-Pacific brand, has unveiled a new line of cup designs with interactive games that incorporate mobile technology to make brushing fun and exciting.
The cups feature fun and educational augmented reality brushing games where kids can fend off mouth-invading monsters or explore outer space to keep their teeth clean and healthy. The cups are brought to life through the free Blippar mobile app, where the interactive brushing games last two minutes—the minimum brushing time recommended by the American Dental Association. As more than 50 percent of children are affected by tooth decay before age five1, the Dixie® brand aims to empower parents to foster fun and sustainable habits for their children’s oral hygiene.
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