FlyGrip Review - Never Drop Your Phone Again!

FlyGrip Review - Never Drop Your Phone Again!
This is a neat little phone accessory. And a review LONG overdue!


FLYGRIP describes itself as the “One-handed smartphone solution” and that is definitely what it is. The FLYGRIP is a small, plastic clip system that sticks on the back of your phone, tablet, or case for either and allows you to perfectly and comfortably hold your smartphone or tablet with one hand and never drop it!

The FLYGRIP comes in small, medium, or large, based on your hand/finger size. That decision is up to you. I have small, girly hands so medium was perfect for me.

Each FLYGRIP order comes with a free phone case - you pick your phone and they ship you a case. It’s just a cheap plastic shell, but that way you can’t say they didn’t give you something to stick the FLYGRIP to besides the back of your phone.

Overall, the FLYGRIP is an insanely handy product… no pun intended. Whether you’re holding your device and just texting, or trying to use it while staying active - FLYGRIP will make sure your phone or tablet stays in your hand, no matter what.

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Uploaded: May 25, 2015

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published 3 years ago