Resulting in 60 those years in Philadelphia. Other versions say about the origin in relation to social unrest in France in Paris. 70. At the beginning of those years a young man named Taki with your work as Kurir began writing TAKI 183 (183 is the street where he lived). On this party is dedicated to the great phantasm and was noticed by Ņujorka Times that his 1971 interview prepared which was noticed and graffiti were spread throughout New York and business all over the world. Initially graffiti did not bother anyone but when the graffiti appeared on the Metro installations were deleted. Graffiti require millions of dollars each year in order to be removed from the wagon and became the problem and are now fortified and represarije. At the same time developing positive measures of cooperation and also for graffiti envisaged area and were organized natecanja and reviews. Today it is possible to see a variety of graffiti or the most used technique is to write the reception.

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