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These are my angels. These are the kids I have worked with for 6 weeks. Most of them are 4 or 5 years old, but there are two boys who are 6 and
7. They belong to a baby class, where they play and learn simple things. We could enjoy singing, dancing, colouring, clay modeling and learning alphabet together. There was a language barrier, since I can't speak their local language Nyanja and the kids only know few words in English. But soon, I learned how to recognize what they want and what they are thinking about, from their gestures and interactions with each other. They are always cheerful and full of life, despite the difficulties they are facing on a daily basis. These were the best six weeks of my life. I would give everything to see: Francis, Saviour, Rance, Nawa Nawa, Kennedy, Melvin, Joshua, James, Mercy, Mwiiiya and Delpher again.

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