Through the Eyes of Deaf Children

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For years the professionals with audistic attitudes had been telling parents it would be best if the deaf children learn to speak in order to fit in the hearing world. They suggested different methods that would help deaf children how to speak - the Oral method (or Listening and Speaking Language as it is now known), the Auditory-Verbal therapy (such as cued speech) or Manually Coded English (such as Signing Exact English). They frown upon American Sign Language, the native language for the deaf community. The professionals discourage the use of it, thinking that American Sign Language is inferior to English and would foster poor reading comprehension among Deaf people if they are allowed to use it.

But study shows that despite their best efforts to assimilate a deaf child into the hearing world, American Sign Language is actually the most beneficial over all other methods, as the deaf students thrive on it and come away with better comprehension skills, improve their performance in class, on tests, and higher grades than the students using the other methods of communication.

ASL Rose has no doubt that thos Deaf individuals who grew up speaking ASL will have better outlook in life to come. Indeed, the freedom to speak ASL give them the freedom to be a happy, well-educated Deaf person who can navigate through the so-called "hearing" world just fine.

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