Capica, about jestivoszi I write because it does not distinguish edible from inedible Capica.
First, check whether they are under the cap tubes or strips (listicarke) .If knife point along the cap, then you will see elongated tubes that form a spongy mass cap mushrooms.

The second step is to review strucak.Sve species Leccinum have to stand fringed hairs called "scabers".

If the fungus find below the cap tubes are not "scabers", it means that you have found something of a different family member Boletus, which is edible but it is not Leccinum boreale.

Leccinum boreale has a steady orange-red cap that can grow to 16 cm in diameter, with dirty white tubes and rough stand, who is white, semi-solids, thickness varira.Visok is up to 15 cm which depends on the conditions in which to grow.

It is normal for his stand / stems grow to 10 cm in height and it is 3 cm thick, generally along at its top (under the cap) than it is at the bottom.

Imprint dispute his yellow-brown to deep cinnamon or medium light braon.Kada growing in the forest, like cleaner areas but also grows well in Travis and knee height.

The official name is composed of two words: "Lecinum" which in Italian means "fungus" and "Boreale" which in Latin means "the North"

This type of mushrooms can be dried, cooked and then zamrzava.Kada is dry easily used by soaking in water or being crashed so dry and used as a powerful spice.

Many, however, think that wild mushrooms most delicious when eaten raw.

In our forests it has a very similar nature to him that grow in abundance and are equally delicious:

-1-Birch grandfather / Canine boletus / Hrapavac (Leccinum scabrum)

2-Opekasti grandfather, Turk (Leccinum testaceum-scabrum)

3-Turk, Turkish boletus, Yellow hrapavac (Leccinum aurantiacum)

4-žutonogi grandfather, žutonogi hrapavac, Noble hrapavac (Leccinum crocipodium

5-grandfather of oak (Leccinum quercinum

6-Grabov grandfather (Leccinum griseum

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