The Toilet for Smart Asses: Meet Phil

Niagara Conservation, the maker of the world’s most water-efficient toilet, wants to help people be the smartest version of themselves and save the planet at the same time. How? With a toilet that delivers a powerful flush by using science, and not stupid amounts of water. After decades on the forefront of flush technology (yes, that is a thing), Niagara is looking to make a splash with their new “Too Smart To Waste” positioning, a fresh look and feel, and a campaign staking its claim as the toilet for smart*sses.
With a flush that works better and wastes nothing, installing a Niagara toilet is perhaps one of the smartest decisions people can make for both their home and the planet. In its new campaign, Niagara is showcasing that even though people can unknowingly make dumb decisions every day, having a Niagara toilet is an easy way to make a smart choice.
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