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"Stars of Bali" is a song that I created in Ableton Live with a combination in respect of my suling flute. The suling is a traditional flute played in many parts of Indonesia. It's unique sound is often mixed in with various songs to give a more Asian influence. Many times the suling is used in relaxation albums as well as meditation!!
This song was inspired by a folktale I once heard. A great lesson in life.

Long ago in old Bali, a young girl named Sari wanted to learn how to dance the Taruna Jaya, one of the most difficult dances. Her cousin was considered a great dancer by their village. Every night, the two would practice under the stars. They would practice hard until one night her cousin told Sari that she has been learning so well. "One day Sari, you will soon be a better dancer than I." In Sari's heart, she knew that she was right; she loved to dance and felt that this was her true passion. In all her life she never thought she would be so good at something, and now, she has mastered the dance.
One night, Sari's aunt pointed to the heavens. "Look, that star has moved and is much dimmer now. It's a new season and different stars are brighter." Her aunt gave Sari a compliment stating "You have learned to dance so well, you must dance for the village at our festival!" Sari felt she should dance, but was afraid because her cousin would feel deeply hurt if Sari danced better than her. Her aunt responded, "You must dance! Think of the stars. Each one has been given it's special place so it can shine brightly and we can see it. Your cousin has had her chance to shine, it is your turn now; and you in turn, must make way for others when the time comes. Sari looked at the stars and thought deeply, then decided it was her time to dance. She danced for the village at the festival, and everybody was in awe, including her cousin. They were both very happy.

Like the stars above, we must find our place in this world. Once we find each of our calling, we must shine brightly like the stars. In time, we must acknowledge to make way for others as their time comes and they are ready to shine.

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