The male peacock in the St.Naum Monastery located by the Ohrid Lake as Christian symbol of immortality , Macedonia

I read about peacock as Christian symbolism to represent immortality, there was ancient legend that the flesh of the peacock did not decay it is also associated with the resurrection of Christ because it sheds it old feathers every year and grows, never brighter ones each year , so the peacock drinking from a vase is used as a symbol of a Christian believer drinking from the waters of eternal life and in the end of this story about peacock I say that it also symbolise the cosmos if one interprets its tail with its many "eyes" as the vault of heaven dotted by the sun, moon, and stars or the "eyes" in the peacock's tail feathers symbolise the all-seeing God and there was opinion about adoption of old Persian and Babylonian symbolism, in which the peacock was associated with Paradise and the Tree of Life, so in the St.Naum Monastery located by the Ohrid Lake there are many peacocks walking across the yard and garden , up to the church roof as Christian symbol of immortality , Ohrid Macedonia

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