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Wood is a natural material that is derived from woody plants, mainly from the trunks of trees, although for some applications and used tree branches.

Wood is inhomogeneous, anisotropic, porous, fibrous and non-hygroscopic material composed of cellulose (40-50%), lignin (25-30%) wood polyose (20-30%) and the supporting material (resin, minerals, etc.). . The properties of wood are a reflection of its natural origin, ie. material. Wood is used as a raw material in industry and for heating. It is a solid fuel heating values weaker. In our parts as firewood used mainly beech, oak and hornbeam, and those parts of trees that can not be further processed.

Wood is also used for the production of objects (particularly furniture and building structures in architecture, and necessities like toothpicks, cutlery, etc.), Art, musical instruments, toys. Cellulose from wood through chemical extracts from wood and used for making paper.

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