Tunnels under old Kranj, The 1,300-meter-long tunnels

City Kranj hides numerous artificial underground facilities, which are already long since lost their original purpose and sunk into oblivion, like the work of human hands us a unique way to pull discovering their stories. This is also the old city shelter, which was formed during World War II. In 2008, at the Kranj Tourist Board opened a shelter for sightseeing.
The 1,300-meter-long tunnels can admire a real interesting stalactites and cave animals. The most common types are cave crickets and cave spider Meta. Interesting, though few residents are also bats, night owl, that the skills letanja outperform aerobatic pilots and even thrive while dinner.
In the tunnels you can also see the exhibition, which develops and Kranj underground tunnels under old Kranj. On display is an exhibition of minerals and fossils and a simulated shelter from the 2nd st. War and the air raid. Even a year in the trenches held various events (Wine Route in tunnels under old Kranj, exhibition of Advent wreaths, Country dwarf Krančka, literary and film evenings). Events can also be prepared specially for your needs.

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