nykk deetronic - it's coming - teaser 1 (2012) - v0.1

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I've decided to release at least a teaser of my new video I am planning to finish since May of the 2010. This is V0.1 [it is not even 1.0 due to lack of complete animated scenes]. It is just a quick draft / mock-up of what I have on my mind.

Short story: I've bought Sony HDR-XR105 camera [at that time] and recorded most interesting places in Belgrade / Serbia and decided to make music video that will ruin all places I've recorded. For that purpose I've used Adobe AfterEffects and its powerful motion tracking tool. Everything you could see here is actually my learning curve how to work with composition and how to get desired effects.

Unfortunately my Sony camera has no progressive mode, so you can see interlace on some fast movements [looks perfect on OLD TV sets but not Plasma TVs.]

As I am very busy in past 3 years with my other multimedia projects, I hope one day I will find more free time and finish this music video [with actress and some stunning 3D effects]. Music I've composed using Renoise tracker as usual.

Watch this space.

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