Symbol of London

The bridge, the red bus passing on, making my camera move a bit, and rendering the people surrounding me happier than one minute before.

Domenico, Patrizia, Alessandro, Claudio were already gone. They were hungry. Me not. I was hungry of loud noise coming from everywhere, of overwhelming light blinding me. I was asking more. They were asking something else than me.

Alessandro, the little bro, 21 y.o. tall as me, looking similar as well, had the idea to go to the resto with the rest of the group and let me behind until he fetches me back once all seat and happy.

I was then the happiest. You know, I am not in London so often. I wanted to enjoy it. To feel all these tourists coming from the whole world...China, Italy, France, Switzerland, UK and USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and so on.. they were speaking loud, taking photos, walking along the bridge and smiling at their holidays. I was there looking at them, and I felt what they felt... Happiness of being free for only one weekend, but with my parents, my love, my brothers and myself.

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