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Central Park, which are set to doctors who contributed to the development of health care in Tuzla and Tuzla region.

Laid the foundation of the development of medicine

Dr.Mehmed Sami Šerbić, initiator of action to build the first hospital (Hastahane) in Tuzla and the author of "Kavanini Džerahin" (Regulation of surgeons); Dr. Teodora Krajevski, the first woman doctor in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first gynecologist in Tuzla; Dr. Risto Jeremić, the first specialist surgeon at the Tuzla Healthcare; Dr. Mustafa Mujbegovic, a specialist in children's diseases; Prim. Dr. Egon Rainer, the first director of the Neuropsychiatry department of the General Hospital in Tuzla; and Ph.D. Ibro Pasic, one of the initiators of the opening of the School of Medicine and its first dean, who is deserving and to build a new building of the Internal Clinic in Tuzla. Prof. Dr. Ibro Pasic he later became the rector of the University of Tuzla. Represented represented the embryo from which it developed today modern institutions, Public Health Institution University Clinical Center Tuzla, following the path of development and trends of modern medicine.

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