Amazing Landscape In Croatia /w My Dog Dingo | Prekrasan krajolik u okolici Slunja,Hrvatska zajedno sa mojim psom Dingom

I took my dog for a walk and it was a cloudy day so I needed to take a picture of this amazing landscape,this is a hill called "Podmelnica" on the right side of our city/town "Slunj" in Croatia.
Please if you are downloading this picture give me some credits, thanks!
Hope you like this picture just like the other ones,I 'm trying to give you guys as much material as it is possible,tomorrow should be a rainy day so I'll try to get some "cold" pictures.
Thank you for the support! I love you guys,hoping that I could get on a bigger photograph level!

Uploaded: Apr 27, 2016

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published 2 years ago